Energy is one of the highest expenditures for institutions.
Take control of your energy costs with solar.

Benefits of Solar

There is an irresistible simplicity in harnessing pure energy from the sun - the same energy that creates life, makes the flowers bloom, the rivers
flow to power your home

Solar energy produced by your rooftop solar system is free. You break even on the cost of your investment in 4 years

Great Return on Investment.You earn more money by investing in solar, than leaving your money in a fixed deposit

You are a clean energpioneer. Lead the wa towards sustainability a show others where to in

Protect yourself against rising costs of

electricity. Lifetime of a solar system is over 25 years, and can power your home for an entire generation.

Payment Options

Power Purchase


With no upfront bsuinesses and education
instiutions simply pay for the power generated
by the solar system, at a lower cost than what
they pay to the electricity company.

Tariffs starting from Rs. 3.5/kWh

Reduction in electricity bill upto 40%

Pay a small downpayment and get a lease your
solar system. Benefits of lease include -

Downpayment of only 25% of cost

Interest rate upto 12%

Short tenure leases between 3 to 5 years

Upto 20% savings on electricty bill for tenure of
lease and upto 95% savings for the lifetime of
the solar system


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